Make it easy with Augmented Reality(AR) to get to your site, send an email or call you to boost your sales. Use link augmentation to attract new customers.

So if you decided to add a link overlay to your WonderPage please follow the steps below.

Here you can find out how to

  • place the added links and style them by editing the Settings in the Properties Panel.

How to add a link:

Step 1: Click the link icon in the toolbar on the left side of your screen to open the upload dialogue.

Step 2: Once the box appears switch to the tabs ATTRIBUTES and CONTENT on the right side and fill in the fields as described below.



  • Label: Add Text to your link element

  • Name: The name of your uploaded link

  • Thumbnail: Feel free to replace the prefilled thumbnail picture in the tile by choosing and uploading a new one.

  • Title background color: Change the color of your background

  • Icon and Text color: Change the color of your text and icon


  • Select protocol: Select one of the actions Open Link, Open Secure Link, Send Email or Call.

  • HTTPS: Paste the address (URL) of your uploaded link.

Maybe interesting too:

Feel free to use up to 8 tiles in a single AR.Tile WonderPage.

Further AR.Tile types are:





Calendar Event


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