Video overlays are one of the most common Augmented Reality(AR) overlays.

What's the benefit?

The selected video is playing “on top” of the target image in real-time – so the user gets a visual effect that turns the static print media into a dynamic live experience.

If you decided to add a video overlay to your AR.Create WonderPage follow the explanation below.

Here you can find out how to

How to add your video:

Step 1: Click the video icon in the toolbar on the left side of your screen to open the upload dialogue.

Step 2: Click browse to choose your video or just drag and drop it into the window. You can also embed a video by inserting a link.

Pro tip: Please keep in mind that the user has to download the video (either at once or during streaming) in order to watch it in AR. Therefore, try to keep the file size and length of the video as small/short as possible!

  • Select the desired upload option and start the upload

  • After successful upload a preview thumbnail of the video will be displayed in the scenario editor

  • Click on the thumbnail inside the scenario editor to move/position the element via drag & drop and to access the settings


In genARate Studio it is possible to use videos by uploading from a local directory, setting it up as Alpha video or embedding directly from Youtube or Vimeo.

Find more detailed information and settings here.

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Feel free to use different overlays in a single AR.Create WonderPage.

Further AR.Create overlay types are:



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