Use text boxes to include a message, headline or description as Augmented Reality(AR) overlay.

Note: Text Boxes offer a basic button functionality and can trigger a defined action “on click” in the final Augmented Reality(AR) experience.

Once decided to add a text box overlay to your AR.Create WonderPage follow the explanation below.

Here you can find out how to

How to add a Text Box:

Step 1: Click the text box icon in the toolbar on the left side of your screen.

Step 2: A thumbnail appears inside the scenario editor. Click on the thumbnail inside the scenario editor to move/position the element via drag & drop and to access the text editor and settings.



  • Name: Select a unique name for your text box element.

  • Textbox: Write and format your text.

  • Size: Set individual size of the text box (by width and height, the aspect ratio is fixed).

  • Position: Set individual position of the text box (by x and y).

  • Opacity: Set transparency level of text box (0 = fully transparent, 1= no transparency).

  • Rotation: Set rotation of text box (by °).

  • Arrange: Define hierarchy in between different content elements.

  • Fix to Screen: Disconnects text box from target image and fixes it to screen so it will always be shown in the same position, no matter how to target image is moved.

  • Hidden: Makes text box invisible at the start of AR experience (to e.g. let it appear by a Button interaction at a later time).

  • Select Protocol: Select action which happens when the text box is clicked by the user (choose Open link, Open Secure link, Send an email or Call telephone number).

  • HTTPS: Your website or social media site.

  • Unique ID: Internal ID of the content element, mostly used for referencing inside HTML fragments.


  • Padding: This allows you to indent the text from left/center/right, according to your selected horizontal alignment.

  • Align vertical: This allows you to set the vertical alignment of the text.

  • Background Color: Select background color of text box (HEX/RGB/HSL).


Animations make your WonderPage more appealing as they add some motion to static content. For each content element, you can easily define how it should appear/disappear as soon as a target image is scanned or lost.

See how to animate your AR elements here.

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Feel free to use different overlays in a single AR.Create WonderPage.

Further AR.Create overlay types are:




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