Star Rating

To ease the work with target images the genARate platform provides an automated testing functionality of images during the upload. As you could already see during the creation of your first AR experience a star rating is shown for each uploaded target image giving an indication of the quality of the related image for tracking and recognition performance:

0-1 Star

The image does not provide enough contrasts/rich elements for proper working image recognition, we highly recommend to use a different image

2-3 Stars

The image should work “OK” but tracking might be fragile to reflections or bad lighting conditions

4 stars

The image provides rich contrasts and features for a properly working tracking

Note: Automated testing is a virtual process to identify contrast patterns in your image. Normally this will provide a valid result, but in exceptional cases, the given result might be inaccurate or simply wrong.

Important: Therefore, it should be treated as an indication but does not replace doing proper manual testing of your target image!

In addition please stick to the requirements below.

Preferred images have:

  • Between 700×1000 pixels in each dimension

  • An aspect ratio roughly square

  • Rich contrast

  • Evenly distributed textured areas

  • Many corner like structures

  • A prominent squarish part

  • File size restriction: max 1 MB

Unsuitable images have:

  • Smaller dimensions than 500 pixels

  • Extreme aspect ratios

  • Large amounts of text

  • Many repetitive patterns

  • Large single-colored areas

Target heatmap

Heatmaps are everywhere these days because it shows the distribution of features to give more hints on target quality besides the Star rating.

Hot zones

By toggling the heatmap, you’ll get a graphical indicator, showing you hot zones in red color on top of your image. Hot zones are areas, which are more likely to be recognized. Please ensure that hot zones are distributed evenly on the target

How to work with Target heatmap:

First step: Click on the genARate Icon in the upper-left corner (in the content toolbar)

Second step: In the Properties panel on the right side find Heatmap and click on it to switch it on.

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