genARate's purpose is to make the creation of Augmented Reality(AR) content as easy as possible. Therefore you can decide between two options: AR.Tile and AR.Create in order to create amazing AR content pages. We call them WonderPages.


AR.Tile is the best solution if you want to create your AR Content with just a few clicks and without the need to prepare a detailed concept upfront. For the users, it offers a quick and easy one-stop AR experience. More info on how to create an AR.Tile WonderPage.

How AR.Tiles are visible on the phone:


AR.Create offers more flexibility and space for creativity. Make use of the full genARate feature set to create your AR content just in the way you like and need it. Include as many AR elements like Videos, Buttons or 3D models as you like but make sure to always keep it simple using the Multiple Scenes feature. More info on how to create an AR.Create WonderPage.

How AR.Create is visible on the phone:

Pro tip: Use the Multiple Languages function to create multilingual WonderPages.

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