This feature offers the opportunity to add multiple scenes all linked to the same target image.

What's the benefit?

Advanced AR.Create scenarios can become quite complex when you use more than just 2 or 3 different content elements within one WonderPage. The multiple scene feature, therefore, allows you to split up your scenario building into several connected layers to always keep your contents clean and easy to manage.

You can link from one scene to the other by using button actions (described below).

Note: This feature is only for AR.Create, not for AR.Tiles

This short tutorial will help you to gain all the information to add multiple scenes in your AR.Create WonderPage!

Step 1: Please open the AR.Create WonderPage in genARate Studio on your computer.

Step 2: Click on the + button underneath the designer panel. A new window will pop up with the options to name a new scene and select between two options:

  • Start from scratch – begin the scene with no augmentations added

  • Copy elements – all augmentations will be copied from the selected scene.

Once the new scene is created you will find an exclamation mark next to the scene name stating “Scene unlinked". Therefore create a button and link to this scene.

Step 3: So please go to the previous scene, add a button and add a new action to this button which points to the new scene.

Inside the properties panel section on the right side of your screen click on "Action" and select the “S” with the desired destination to link the scene.

On the properties panel of the scene, you can change the name, make it as default scene and see from which scene it is connected.

Note:Default scene” means that this scene will be shown first when the target image is scanned using the app.

Maybe interesting too:

You can create content for a single WonderPage not only using multiple scenes but also multiple languages.

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