Audio can transport emotions in a very effective way. Use it to enrich your AR page to attract your users’ senses.

If you decided to add an audio overlay to your WonderPage. Now it's important to think about what you want to do with it and how it should be set up.

Here you can find out how to

  • add an audio overlay

  • place the added audio(s) and style it by editing the Settings in the Properties Panel.

Note: If you don't have your own specific audio a collection of Audio was specifically created for you in genARate Studio. Now you can easily choose licensed free music and use it for your project.

How to add your audio:

Step 1: Click on the Audio Icon inside the toolbar on the left side of your screen to start the upload dialogue.

Step 2: Choose between Drop / Browse your own Audio OR Insert from Library types.

Insert from library

  • To use the Audio file from the library click the insert button on the right

  • A new window will open with available audio songs

  • Click on a button to listen

  • Select the audio box to insert it into your target image

  • After loading the sound file a sound control will appear

  • Click on the button to play/stop the audio

Pro tip: Please keep in mind that the user has to download the audio in order to listen to it in AR. Therefore, try to keep the file size and length of audio as small/short as possible!

Important: Only use mp3-Files with max. Size 7MB



  • Label: Add text to the audio box

  • Name: Select a name for your audio element

  • Thumbnail: You can replace the prefilled thumbnail. Add a unique thumbnail to the audio box.

  • Title background color: Change the color of your background

  • Icon and Text color: Change the color of your text and icon


  • Source: Name of uploaded source file and button to replace uploaded audio “on the fly”

  • Loop: Toggle automatic repeat of the audio.

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