The genARate Mobile App is the end-user-facing part of the genARate platform and allows users to experience Augmented Reality scenarios on mobile devices (Android and iOS) that have been previously created with genARate Studio.

The genARate Mobile App is provided by Konica Minolta as part of the general setup of the genARate platform. It is professionally managed and constantly reviewed by the Konica Minolta/genARate team.

What's the benefit?

Customers can see the genARate Mobile App as their digital channel where they can directly publish AR experiences or it can be used to test/share these Augmented Reality(AR) experiences before they get published.

Download the app:

Users can download the genARate app for free* on Google Play and Apple App-Store simply by searching for “genARate” or by scanning the QR-Code below using any standard QR-Code reader.

How to scan a genARate target image with the app:

Step 1: Install and open the genARate App on your mobile phone.

Step 2: Click "Start to scan" and position the mobile phone in order to see the full image on your camera screen.

Step 3: Click on the icon "Tap to scan" on your mobile screen and scan the image.

Note: Feel free to scan more than one image by clicking the arrow in the upper left corner in order to go back to the start screen.

By default, all genARate Studio projects are connected with the genARate Mobile App through the integrated `Test` functionality which is available for all saved WonderPages. Access to the test pages is restricted by the use of a unique QR code which is provided inside genARate Studio during the testing procedure.

Published WonderPages will be available to all users without any access restrictions. They can simply start the Scanner from within the app and access all digital contents connected with public WonderPages – given they have the related target images available.

Screenshot and sharing feature in the app

Simple and fast image sharing:

  • Click on the share icon on the low-left corner and select the action. You can save the image to the image gallery or share it through the apps. Just add this sentence with this picture.

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