The name of our platform.


WonderPage is a terminology for the AR-Experience you create. Each wonderpage consists out of the Target image (image which can be recognized by the scanner inside the genARate Mobile App) and the related AR content elements you connect.

genARate Studio

Webapplication of genARate to create, manage test and publish your AR experiences. It also offers access to the reporting of your created WonderPages.

genARate Mobile App

That's the Mobile App of genARate. You test and scan the WonderPages there.


AR.Tile is a special creation mode allowing you to build WonderPages based on a predefined visual concept. It offers the possibility to customize 1-8 different tiles which appear inside the Mobile App after scanning a target. This is the easiest way to create your own, individual AR experience.


AR.Create is the alternative creation mode but different to AR.Tiles you can create and design your individual AR-Experience using the full flexiblity genARate offers. This is meant to create more immersive and complex scenarios but also requires a few more steps.

Target (image)

The target image is the reference of the real (printed) image inside the system. By uploading/creating a target you tell the system which image is supposed to be recognized by the scanner inside the Mobile App.

Multiple Scenes

A feature allowing you to split up the content of a WonderPage to different (sub-) scenes inside the editor. This helps to better keep an overview and easily manage individual elements when building more complex scenarios.

genARate Backend

The built-in hosting and management system which connects the genARate Mobile App with the genARate Studio allowing you to publish and manage your AR contents on the fly and at any time.

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