Image formats: .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif and special .gif animations can be uploaded as image as well. File size is maximum 3 MB. You may find more info in the following tutorial:

Sound/Music format: .mp3 and .ogg with a size limit of 7 MB. In order to learn how to insert the sound file go to

Video format: .mp4 or you may insert Youtube and Vimeo links. For MP4 uploaded files the size restriction is 20MB and 1000px, the recommended standard resolution is 480p). The recommended bit rate: 2.5Mbps – 4Mbps (depending on the expected connectivity of the end user.) Please find more about the Video augmentation at

3d model formats: either use items from our library, or use your own FBX or GLTF models. Read more here:

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