Support for use of fbx files

To support 3D-content in genARate Studio Three.js is used. For import of fbx files into genARate Studio we use the available Three.js loader.

While fbx is a common format used for data exchange it is neither an open nor a standardized format. FBX is a closed Autodesk format and constantly changing.

To ensure that 3D content is imported and shown correctly there are several issues to bear in mind/several steps that need to be performed when exporting fbx from other software packages.

MS Paint 3D to Three.js

MS Paint 3D does not offer any options when exporting to .fbx so there are no settings that need to be taken care of.

Known restrictions:

  • It is not possible to import a file with several (more than one) meshes into genARate Studio

Maya to Three.js

For pre-visualizing a 3D object it is recommended to use the “Autodesk FBX review” for checking the exported asset and animations.

The viewer supports more specifications than the fbx loader for Three.js but if there are already visible errors, they will also appear when importing into genARate Studio.

FBX Version Tested: FBX Binary 2012

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