Each customer can access at least one app inside the genARate Studio (depending on subscription level). Each app can have an unlimited number of projects and each project can handle multiple individual AR experiences, so-called `WonderPages`.

Your account:

  • Apps - references the connected Mobile Apps inside the Web Content Management System (CMS)

  • Projects - to separate, combine and better manage WonderPages

  • WonderPages - the created AR page (target and contents)

Once you log in to your account, an Application Home-Screen will appear.

The Home-Screen consists of the Header and the Application gallery.


#1 genARate Logo

Clicking the genARate logo at the top of your page will always return you to your Home-Screen.

#2 Support icon

By clicking this icon you'll proceed to the Support portal.

#3 Reporting icon

You will find the statistics feature in the top-right corner. To learn more about this feature click here.

#4 Account Settings

To review and adjust your settings click on the User icon in the top-right corner. Here you can manage settings, admin area, languages, logout.

Application Gallery

#5 Your App

In the ‘Your App’ section you can see which app is connected with your account and where you can create and publish your experiences. Click on the icon to access the according app and see your projects and WonderPages inside.
Note: Users who have access to more than one app can select them via the ‘Change’ button.

#6 WonderPages

New users can create their first WonderPage here directly, returning users always see the last pages you have accessed. Simply hover over the according thumbnail to open and edit the according page or project.

#7 Reporting

Preview reporting of your account displayed here. Click to access the full reporting section.

#8 News

Stay informed about releases, showcases and other helpful news coming from the genARate team.

#9 Support

In the Support section you can go to the Help Center, send us a message or get in touch with our support team.

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