Once you have selected an app the interface is divided into three main sections: the Header, the Projects panel and the WonderPages panel.

Here you find functions like ‘search’, ‘sort’, ‘view’ or ‘create new WonderPage’. Please either select a WonderPage to start working with or choose to create a new one.

After editing a WonderPage you can decide whether you want to publish (=make your project publicly available) or if you prefer to leave the work unpublished and continue editing at a later time. The status is shown at the bottom left of each WonderPage box.

Projects panel

‘Projects’ panel allows you to select a project to work on. Besides that you able to create a new one or delete existing projects.

Note: In the footer area of the Projects panel a navigation strip is displayed. There you can define how many elements per page should be displayed and it enables you to navigate between the pages:

WonderPages panel

This section shows available WonderPages. Here you find functions like Search, Sort, View and create New WonderPage. Select a WonderPage to start working on it or you can create a new one. You can decide if you want to publish it and make your project publicly available or you may leave the work unpublished and edit it later until you are ready to publish.

The status can be seen on the left bottom of the box.

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