Below you will find a detailed overview how to Embed a LinkedIn Badge:


How to add a LinkedIn Badge:

  • Copy the URL of the LinkedIn Personal Profile

  • Click on the Social Media button

  • Select “Embed LinkedIn Badge”

  • Paste the URL in Attributes sections on the right – where it says “LinkedIn profile URL”

  • Adjust the appearance and test with your phone


  • Name: Select a unique name for your LinkedIn Badge element

  • LinkedIn profile URL: URL of the copied from the LinkedIn Profile

  • Size: Set individual size of LinkedIn Badge item (by width and height – the aspect ratio is fixed)

  • Position: Set individual position of LinkedIn Badge item (by x and y)

  • Opacity: Set opacity of Badge item (by %)

  • Rotation: Set rotation of LinkedIn Badge item (by °)

  • Arrange: Define hierarchy in between different content elements

  • Fix to Screen: Disconnects tweet item from target image and fixes it to screen so it will always stay at the same place, no matter how target image is moved

  • Hidden: Makes LinkedIn Badge invisible at the start of AR experience (to e.g. let it appear by a Button interaction at a later time)

  • Unique ID: Internal ID of the content element, mostly used for referencing inside HTML fragments.


  • Badge Type: Select the view on Badge between Vertical/Horizontal

  • Badge Size: Set the icon color of the tweet item

  • Theme: Select between Light and Dark colors of the Badge item.


Settings for all Social Media elements

Animations make your WonderPage more appealing as they add some motion to static content. For each content element, you can easily define how it should appear/disappear as soon as a target image is scanned or lost.

See how to animate your AR elements here.

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