genARate Studio statistics provides a broad set of analytics information.

Once you login to your account, you will find two ways to access the statistics feature:

Step 1: Key numbers can be seen in the Home-Screen on the third column “Reporting”. To deploy and see the complete reporting information click on the icon “SHOW REPORTING

Step 2: In the header section, on the right side corner click on an icon that looks like a graph. After the main dashboard with several KPIs will appear

In case you have the right to see several clients and apps, filters are displayed that allow you to choose between available clients and apps.

At first sight, you see a dashboard with main KPIs to evaluate the success of your campaigns. All data is also compared to a reference period which you can choose. The available set of KPIs will shine a light on the key aspects of performance and highlight areas that may need your attention.

Five tables are displayed on the left side which shows detailed information on Charts, Apps, Projects, WonderPages, and Geo-Information.

Find relevant information on reporting and statistics below:

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