In the app panel, you will find detailed information which can be sorted. The report includes:

  • App Name – the name of the app

  • Scans – Overall number of WonderPage scans within the app

  • App sessions – Number of sessions within the selected period

  • Views per App sessions– Number of pages per session

  • Unique users – Number of unique users that have used your app

  • AVG. WonderPage session time (min) – average viewing time of all WonderPages across all projects of an app (in seconds)

  • AVG app session time (min) – average usage time of app, no matter if users scan a WonderPage or look into the settings menu, etc.

  • Number of WonderPages – Total number of WonderPages

  • Interactions – Total number of interactions, an interaction is any click a user performs within the augmentation view

  • Estimated downloaded data – how much internet data you used

Find further information on how to work with genARate statistics reports below:





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