Dashboard – KPIs

  • Number of WonderPage Scans

  • Number of Interactions

  • Average App Session Time (min)

  • Number of App Installs

  • Number of Unique App Users

  • Estimated download data

  • Most active Country

  • Most active Client

  • A map which displays sessions by country

  • Usage split between Android and iOS

  • OS Versions used (click either on Android or iOS to see details about the version)

Overview Tables

Apps, Projects, Wonderpages tables have two main sections:

  • Filters at the top and

  • the panel below.

Filters give you an option to choose the client and apps if you have more than one. In addition, you can select the date range and check if you want to compare it with a reference period (based on the chosen time range). The panel has a search button to quickly find the name of your page or project.

The bottom section Graph will display a chart with a selected attribute from the table above. To select an attribute click on the light blue cells.

Maybe interesting reports and views too:





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