A performance indicator on each WonderPage in genARate studio provides feedback to the page creator regarding how well the experience on a mobile device is supposed to be.

The performance indicator only shows assets that have a real (physical) size, which means that they need to be uploaded by the user. HTML, Links, YouTube Videos, Contacts, etc. will not show.

So in our case from above, only augmentations the image and 3D-model have a size of 5.49MB, which means the user needs to download these files before AR appears.

In general, it is recommended to avoid adding a high number of augmentations on a WonderPage. Besides the fact that too many elements (combined with a complex user interface) might confuse the users, this also causes much longer loading times – which will have a significant negative impact on the user experience!

For each content element make sure to apply the fullowing rule:

Try to reduce the file size of the imported element (video, graphics, sound, etc.) as much as possible without having a negative impact on the audiovisual experience.

Please read below the optimization hints for different content types:





Use 3D-model effectively

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