Our knowledge base explains in detail how to work with videos in genARate. Our recommendation is to wherever possible, try to avoid uploading your videos to genARate studio. Instead please leverage YouTube for hosting your video in a private channel.

This offers 2 advantages:

Your users do not have to wait until the download of the video finishes as YouTube offers immediate streaming experience. The YouTube streaming client will then take care to automatically adjust the quality / size of videos to the network bandwidth – this guarantees the best result possible for the viewer.

Note: We do not validate your YouTube links, so please test and make sure the video behind the link works as expected.

If you prefer (or need to) upload videos to genARate studio please keep in mind the following hints:

File size restriction: 20MB (for mp4 videos)

Recommended standard size: 480p (maximum: not larger than 1000px)

Recommended bit rate: 2.5Mbps – 4Mbps (depending on the expected connectivity of the end user.)

For mobile use, the best option is H.264 video codec, AAC or MP3 audio codec and .MP4 as the video container.

Audio quality is sufficient with 22.05 kHz mono at 128 kbps

Important: Please be aware to use baseline or main H.264 as a profile when encoding your video, as most mobile phones do not support H.264 high.

Further technical performance hints:




Use 3D-models effectively

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