At the beginning of your creation process, it is important to think about a few things.

First: What is my target image or how should it look like?

Every genARate WonderPage is based on a properly working target image. The target image is the (digital) reference of the real image/print you want the user to scan with the genARate Mobile App. To guarantee a seamless user experience it is essential to select, prepare and test the according image carefully. Find all info here...

Second: Which Augmented Reality (AR) content should be shown after scanning my target image?

genARate provides a lot of different AR types you can add to your WonderPage e.g. images, videos, audios, buttons, social media elements, 3D objects, etc. Decide if your Augmented Reality elements should appear in the shape of tiles (AR.Tile) or a "designed" shape (AR.Create) on the user's mobile phone.

Third: How can I make sure if my content works properly?

During the creation process of your WonderPage, we recommend testing all the added Augmented Reality(AR) content elements to see if they work as expected. Find out more...

Fourth: What do I have to think about before making my WonderPage public?

After creation, your WonderPage needs to be published to be available for publicity. Please note that after having done the publishing steps your WonderPage will be online. Find out more on how to publish...

Next step:

Create your first AR experience.

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