Frequently Asked Questions

In this section you can find a list of answers for most frequently asked questions.
In case your question is not answered here – feel free to drop us a note using our contact form.

Image formats: .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif and special .gif animations can be uploaded as image as well. File size is maximum 3 MB. You may find more info in the following tutorial:

Sound/Music format: .mp3 and .ogg with a size limit of 7 MB. In order to learn how to insert the sound file, see

Video format: .mp4 or you may insert Youtube and Vimeo links. For MP4 uploaded files the size restriction is 20MB and 1000px, the recommended standard resolution is 480p). The recommended bit rate: 2.5Mbps – 4Mbps (depending on the expected connectivity of the end user.)  Please find more about the Video augmentation here

 3d model formats: either use items from our library, or use your own FBX or GLTF models. Read more here:

Minimum Requirements to run genARate Studio in your browser:

In order to provide you with a great user experience, we support the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome: Version 60.0.3112.101 (Official Build) (64-bit) and later
  • Safari: Version 10.1.2 (12603.3.8) and later
  • Firefox: 55.0.2 (64-bit) and later
  • Microsoft Edge: 40.15063.0.0 and later

Please note that Internet Explorer is not supported.

Minimum Requirements for the mobile App:

In order to provide you with a great user experience, we officially support the following platforms/devices:

  • iOS:
    • Minimum: OS Version 10.0 on iPhone 5s/iPad Air
    • Recommended: OS Version 10.3.1 on iPhone 6/iPad Air 2
  • Android:
    • Minimum: OS version 5.1 minimum of 2GB RAM (E.g. Samsung Galaxy S6 / Galaxy Tab S2)
    • Recommended: OS Version 6.1 and a minimum of 2GB RAM

Our genARate app needs several persmissions in order to run properly on your device.
It needs access to …

  • camera: for scanning images
  • contacts: in order to save downloaded contact items in your local contacts
  • calendar: in order to save downloaded calendar items in your local calendar
  • pictures and videos: in order to be able to save and share screenshots
  • photo, media and files: in order to be able to save and share screenshots

The content and information made available on the Website is intended exclusively to provide information personally to the user and for the personal, non-commercial purposes of the user, and may not be downloaded, copied, processed or distributed for private or commercial purposes. Please see the Terms and conditions here

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