In chapter User Interface you have learned about basic functionionality of genARate platform. In this section you will find more detailed information on how to use and set augmentations for target images you have defined before.


Use standard images as AR overlay to visually present products, ads, persons or similar


Video overlays are one of the most common AR overlays

Text box

Use text boxes to include a message, headline or description as AR overlay


A button executes a defined action as soon as it is clicked by the user in the mobile app


Audio can transport emotions in a very effective way. Use it to enrich you AR page to attract your users' senses.

Social Media

With adding Social Media augmentation you can easily direct the user to specific content or account.

3D Models (basic)

genARate offers a basic pipeline for the integration and use of 3D models and animations

HTML (basic)

genARate Studio offers the possibility to create more advanced and interactive AR content elements by using basic Javascript, CSS and HTML coding


Effortlessly share your contact without missing important details.

Calendar Event

The calendar button offers to add events to the user’s calendar. You can customize the event
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