Calendar Event (AR.Tile)


The calendar button offers to add events to the user’s calendar. You can customize the event 

How to:
  • Click on the Calendar icon  in content toolbar 
  • A thumbnail appears inside the scenario editor
  • Click on the thumbnail to access the calendar settings

Label:  Add text to the image box 

Name: Name of uploaded source file 

Title background color: change the color of the background 

Icon and Text color: change the color of both Icon and Text

Event name: A unique name for your event

Description: Write a brief description of this event 

Select Timezone: Select the anchor timezone 

Start Date/Time: Select when you’d like to start your event

End Date/Time: Select when you’d like to end your event

Address: Write the venue’s detailed street address. 

Url: Your business website, social media or ticket registration 

Background color: Change the background color of the calendar box

Button color: Select the color of the button inside the event box on the lower-right corner.

Button text color: Select the color of the ????.

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