Effortlessly share your contact without missing important details.  

In contrast to the printed business cards now you don’t have to worry if your number changed or address with few clicks you can be updated with the latest information.

How to:
  • Click on the Contact icon  in content toolbar 
  • A thumbnail appears inside the scenario editor
  • Click on the thumbnail inside the scenario editor to move/position and access the Action workflow editor and settings



Name:  Select a unique name for your contact box element

Size: Set individual size of contact box (by width and height, the aspect ratio is fixed)

Position: Set individual position of contact box (by x and y)

Opacity: Set transparency level of contact box (0 = fully transparent, 1= no transparency)

Rotation: Set rotation of contact box (by °)

Arrange: Define hierarchy in between different content elements

Fix to Screen: Disconnects contact box from trigger image and fixes it to screen so it will always be shown on the same position, no matter how to trigger image is moved

Hidden: Makes contact box invisible at the start of AR experience (to e.g. let it appear by a Button interaction at a later time)

Unique ID: Internal ID of the content element, mostly used for referencing inside contact fragments

First name: The written name will be shown in the first line of the contact box

Last name: The written last name will be shown in the second line of the contact box

Company: The written company will be shown in the third line of the contact box

Phone: By adding phone, an icon will appear at the bottom of the contact box and can be saved on the phone. Clicking on the phone icon will open options to call.

Email: By adding email, an icon will appear at the bottom of the contact box and can be saving on the phone. Clicking on the envelope icon a new window will pop-up with the inserted email address.

Website: Your business website or social media.

Country: Your business address 

Address: Your business address 

Zip Code: Your business postal code

Image: Insert you profile picture by clicking REPLACE

Continue playing: The contact box keeps playing also when image tracking is lost (trigger image is not visible in camera view anymore), the contact box will be displayed centered to the screen

Background color: Change the background color of the contact box

Font color: Select the color of the font.

Button color: Select the color of the button inside the contact box on the lower-right corner.

Button text color: Select the color of the text inside the button of the contact box.


Explanation can be found here.

Example how it looks:

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