Image (AR.Tile)


Use standard images as AR overlay to visually present products, ads, persons or similar.

Images offer a basic button functionality and can trigger a defined action “on click” in the final AR experience. 

How to:
  • Click on the image icon in the content toolbar to start the upload dialogue
  • Link the desired image from your local drive
  • After the upload, a thumbnail of your image will be visible in the scenario editor
  • Click the CONTENT tab inside the Property Panel to add more images and create a gallery. 

Label:  Add text to the image box 

Name: Name of uploaded source file 

Title background color: change the color of the background 

Icon and Text color: change the color of both Icon and Text

Image 1:  Select a unique name for your image element

Image 2: Add images to create a gallery 

Format & Restrictions:
  • Compatible formats: jpg, jpeg, png, gif
  • Special: .gif animations can be uploaded as image as well
  • File size restriction: max 3 MB
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