Create your first AR experience

To create your first AR experience, just follow the step-by-step explanation below. Please note that this sample will show how to create a very basic AR experience; consisting of how to create a WonderPage which contains one trigger image and a simple text element as digital overlay.

Open this link to access the genARate studio web tool:

Login with the provided account credentials

After successful login, all apps which are connected to your account will be displayed

For an easy start please select the official genARate app with a click on the icon.

After selecting the app, create your first project inside the app by clicking on `New Project`

Enter the name of your project (mandatory) and add a cover image and description (optional) before you save

After saving the project, it is listed as shown below

Select your project, to activate the WonderPage section on the right side of the page

Click on ‘New WonderPage’ in upper right corner

Upload your trigger image (the image which will be used for image recognition in final experience)

For an easy start, please select the template ‘Blank’ during the upload of your image.

Now you can see the uploaded trigger image as background in the WonderPage Editor.

Please always make sure to add a title in upper left corner, this is mandatory to be able to save your WonderPage later

Before starting to add digital contents please click the button in lower left corner to see some more info about your uploaded trigger image. The star rating indicates whether your uploaded trigger image fulfills the requirements for the image recognition (‘tracking’)

0-1 Star

The image does not provide enough contrasts/rich elements for a proper working image recognition, we highly recommend to use a different image

2-3 Stars

The image should work ‘OK’ but tracking might react sensitive to reflections or bad lighting conditions

4 Stars

The image provides rich contrasts and features for a properly working tracking

Please also note the other requirements and tips provided here!

If your trigger image meets all requirements you can go on with adding contents to your AR experience

Use the toolbar on the left to select and  add the individual content types

For this basic scenario please add a simple ‘Text’ element and click on the ‘Tt’ button in the toolbar

A small thumbnail with a ‘Tt’ icon will appear in upper left corner of the editor

When selecting it, the individual settings of this element will open on the right (Thumbnail gets blue outline and settings will appear right of editor, ‘Attributes’ will be preselected)

 More settings for each content element can be found when you click on ‘Content’ (Note: Tab `Content` does not exist for content type `Image’!)

Go back to ‘Attributes’ and write ‘Hello World’ in the content field, the written text should appear immediately inside the thumbnail as well

Adjust size, position and color of the text inside the box as known from MS Office

Drag & Drop the text box with the mouse to place it at final position (fine tuning can also be done in settings by using the according fields ‘Size’ and ‘Position’)

More advanced settings for the text box (Rotation/Opacity/Padding/Link/etc.) can be found at the lower end of tab ‘Attributes’. (To learn more: )

Now save the WonderPage by clicking on the highlighted blue button in upper right corner (Note: In case Save Button is greyed out, please enter a name for your WonderPage as explained above!)

After the WonderPage was saved successfully either close it (to go back to project overview and maybe create an additional WonderPage) or continue with testing/publishing

Also feel free to add further contents like, images, videos, buttons or even HTML elements or 3D models (HTML only recommended if you have according experience with HTML/JS/CSS)

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