genARate Studio

As part of our genARate platform, genARate Studio is the web front-end that allows to create your own Augmented Reality experiences. It is fully optimized to run in the browser on your PC or MAC and therefore does not require any local installations, admin rights, etc.

It offers all the necessary tools for establishing a link between physical 2D images and related digital contents based on simple drag & drop functionality.

The tool is fully based on a Graphical User Interface (GUI), offering streamlined drag & drop interfaces to upload, arrange and adjust media contents as well as an integrated REST API in order to upload, test and publish your created WonderPages to the genARate back-end and the connected mobile apps with the click of one button.

There are two ways to display augmented reality when using genARate

Here is how the AR.Tiles Dashboard looks like:

How AR.Tiles visible on the phone:

Here is how the AR.Create Dashboard looks like 

How AR.Create visible on the phone

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