To be able to experience your published WonderPage, please download the genARate app on your mobile device from one of the App-Stores (by scanning the QR-Code below) or click on store icons:

In order to make a WonderPage available for recognition on your mobile app, you have to first initiate the publishing process in genARate studio. First, please open the WonderPage in genARate Studio on your computer.

Then click on ‘Publish’ in the upper right corner.

Several server-side steps are necessary for publishing a WonderPage. This can take 1-5min. As long as the publishing process is running you will see a ‘Pending’ status in the upper right corner.

After the publishing process is finished, a confirmation message appears on your screen in the lower right corner. 

Now close the WonderPage and make sure that both, your WonderPage and your project, show the blue ‘Published’ tag in the overview. If the project is not yet published then click on the ‘…’ the menu in the project icon and select ‘Publish’. Like above, you will see a ‘Pending’ status until publishing is finished.

As soon as both, the project and the WonderPage, are published, your WonderPage will be recognized in your mobile app and AR content will be displayed.

Start the genARate app on your phone and click on ‘Start to Scan’.

Scan the trigger image (on screen or printed) to get your AR experience displayed.



The Mobile App gets refreshed with new WonderPages directly after startup.

Therefore you need to restart the Mobile App to be able to access recently published WonderPages. 

In addition, the local caching in the genARate app might cause a delay before you can access recently published WonderPages, especially on devices which have been used during creation and testing of the experience.

Inside the settings of the Mobile App you can clear the cache/data (“Reset Content”):

Reset conten t
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