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Once you login to your account, you will find two ways to access the statistics feature. 

  1. Key numbers can be seen in the application panel on the third column “Statistics”. In order to deploy and see the complete reporting information click on the icon “SHOW ALL”
  2. In the header section, on the right side corner click on an icon that looks like a graph. 

After the main dashboard with several KPIs will appear.genarate app reporting and analytics overview

In case you have the right to see several clients and apps, filters are displayed that allow you to choose between available clients and apps.

At first sight, you see a dashboard with main KPIs to evaluate the success of your campaigns. All data is also compared to a reference period which you can choose. The available set of KPIs will shine a light on the key aspects of performance and highlight areas that may need your attention.

genARate Studio statistics provides a broad set of analytics information. 

Five tables are displayed on the left side which shows detailed information on Charts, Apps, Projects, WonderPages, and Geo-Information.

Analytics and reporting genarate studio

Dashboard – KPIs
  • Number of WonderPage Scans
  • Number of Interactions
  • Average App Session Time (min)
  • Number of App Installs
  • Number of Unique App Users
  • Estimated download data 
  • Most active Country
  • Most active Client 
  • A map which displays sessions by country
  • Usage split between Android and iOS
  • OS Versions used (click either on Android or iOS to see details about the version)
Overview Tables 

 Apps, Projects, Wonderpages tables have two main sections:  filters at the top and the panel below. Filters give you an option to choose the client and apps if you have more than one. In addition, you can select the date range and check if you want to compare it with a reference period (based on the chosen time range). The panel has a search button to quickly find the name of your page or project. 

The bottom section Graph will display a chart with selected attribute from the table above. To select an attribute click on the light blue cells. 

genarate app reporting and analytics overview

In the app panel, you will find detailed information which can be sorted. The report includes:

  • App Name – the name of the app 
  • Scans – Overall number of WonderPage scans within the app
  • App sessions – Number of sessions within the selected period
  • Views per App sessions– Number of pages per session
  • Unique users – Number of unique users that have used your app
  • AVG. WonderPage session time (min) – average viewing time of all WonderPages across all projects of an app (in seconds)
  • AVG app session time (min) – average usage time of app, no matter if users scan a WonderPage or look into the settings menu etc. 
  • Number of WonderPages – Total number of wonderpages
  • Interactions – Total number of interactions, an interaction is any click a user performs within the augmentation view
  • Estimated downloaded data – how much internet data you used

This table shows available projects and the report on each of them. The report includes:

  • Project Name – Name of the project 
  • Scans – Overall number of WonderPage scans within the Project
  • Unique users – Total number of unique users who have experienced this project
  • Average WonderPage session time (min) – the average number of projects that have been accessed during one app session
  • Interactions – Total number of interactions within this project
  • Number of WonderPages – Total number of published WonderPages within the project 
 WonderPage – Overview

This table shows the report of created WonderPages. The report includes:

  • WondePage Name – WonderPage name
  • WonderPage Type – The type of WonderPage (AR.Create/AR.Tile)
  • Project name – The name of the project where the WonderPage was created 
  • Interactions – Number of interactions on this page
  • Views – Number of WonderPage scans.
  • Scans – Overall number of WonderPage scans within the app.
  • Unique users –  Number of users who have accessed the page
  • Weight – Total weight of all augmentation
  • Average WonderPage session time (min) – How much time did users on average spend on this page 
 WonderPage – Augmentations

This table shows the report of created WonderPages. The report includes:

  • Type – Type of augmentations 
  • WonderPage Type – WonderPage name
  • Amount – Number of augmentations
  • Weight (MB) – The weight of augmentation
Augmentation specific interactions
wonderpages genarate app reporting and analytics overview
 WonderPage – Interactions

This table shows the report of created WonderPages. The report includes:

  • Augmentation Name – The name of used Augmentation of selected WonderPage
  • WonderPage Name – The name of created WonderPage
  • Events  – How often an individual Augmentation Element has been played/clicked by the users
 WonderPage – Map 

Navigate with the mouse on the map to see the number of views by continent. 

Please note: we are only capturing the data of those users that have opted-in to analytics. Therefore the numbers might not reflect the full usage of your projects / WonderPages.

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