System / Content Templates

After uploading your Trigger image you can start creating your experience either from scratch with the „Blank“ Template. Or you use one of the predefined Templates to arrange your media assets for the AR scenario.:  „Image“, Videos“ or „Gallery“.

Creating a new AR experience from scratch usually takes a couple of mouse clicks. To save you time and effort, the available System Templates are a fast and easy way to start with.

My Templates

Over time, you will get more experienced and will have created various WonderPages by yourself. To save even more time you are able to create an individual Template during editing a WonderPage.

A template contains all information about the created Augmentations (type of Augmentation, size, position, rotation). It does not contain the target image and the Augmentation content (e.g. image-file, URL source, HTML code…)

Adding a new Template

While working on your WonderPage you can click on „Add to my Templates“ at any time. You will receive a pop-up which prompts you to enter the Template name. Then save your Template and it will be ready for use for your next WonderPage creation.


In the project view you can click the „Template Manager“ icon to manage all your self-created Templates. All available Templates are displayed (name, creation time/date, user) with a preview of their structure. You can edit the names of your Templates or delete them individually.

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