Read Only Page

A special feature  “Read Only”  allows you to review the project with WonderPages but unable to make changes inside the project. It marked with the lock and the note “READ ONLY”  on the top-left side of the project.

However, you are able to open WonderPage to see all augmentations added and their position on the target. If you want to duplicate all augmentations with the same position and use it in your projects follow the rules below:

How to:
  • Click on Read-Only Project and open WonderPage
  • Now instead of the buttons “SAVE” and “PUBLISH” new “COPY” button shown on the top-right corner.
  • Click the button”COPY” 
  • Close the WonderPage

  • A message will pop-up 
  • Follow the instruction

  • Click on “PASTE” to an existing or new project. 

  • Now copied WonderPage appears as “Duplicate”
  • The WonderPage has the same name and the design including all content from the original WonderPage. 

  • Now you can modify, save and publish copied WonderPage. 
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