3D Models

In the previous chapters, we discussed the basic 3D model and FBX Support and GLTF Support.   In this chapter, you will learn how effectively export 3D models from various softwares and how to import them correctly to genARate Studio using FBX and GLTF formats.  To test 3D GLTF model please visit this website. You will find more info here.

Export FBX Models

To import fbx files into genARate Studio the available loader for Three.js is used and implemented to get fbx into genARate Studio.

Export GLTF from Microsoft Paint

Open Paint 3D. An empty canvas will be visible. Drag&Drop a 3D file onto the canvas.

Export GLTF from Blender

First, Blender is set up to have a working area and a rendered preview available

Export GLTF from 3ds Max

It has a similar feature-set to the Blender exporter, supporting meshes, animation and pbr-materials.

Integration 3D models to genARate

Choose an existing project or set up a new one. Create a new WonderPage via the menu.Choose the Blank template and drop a target image

Insert Assets from the Library

A collection of 3D Models was specifically created for you in genARate Studio.
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