Insert Assets from the Library

A collection of 3D Models was specifically created for you in genARate Studio. Now you can easily choose a licensed free 3D model and use it for your project. 

How to:
  • Click on the 3D icon inside the toolbar to start the upload dialogue
  • Choose between Drop your own Audio or Insert from Library types.

1. Drop/Browse the desired 3D file from your local drive


2. Insert from the Library 

  • To use 3D models from the library click insert button on the right
  • A new window will open with available 3D assets
  • Green section shows the type of 3D model (animated/static)
  • Click on the 3D model to insert it into your target image
  • After the upload has completed the 3D model will appear in the scenario editor
  • Click on the 3D model inside the scenario editor to move/position the element via drag & drop and to access the settings
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