Design and conceptual hints

Consumers of digital content have changed their expectations and “consumption behavior” over the past years. Especially “digital natives” are used to high-quality online experiences and are very choosy regarding the offerings they use. Attractive audiovisual design and excellent usability are a must for creators of such digital experiences!

Think about situations where the users would most probably utilize their phones and where they will take time to interact with AR:
  • To understand user behavior, try to answer these questions:
    • Where will the users be? Will they be in a hurry?
    • Will, they use mobile data connection or will they probably use Wi-Fi?
    • What’s the best moment to stop and scan?
    • What is the distance between the user and the target image? 
    • Will the user be sitting, standing or even laying?
    • Is there enough lighting?
    • How will users be holding the target and the phone?
  • Good locations where users will wish to use their phones to experience AR are at home, in waiting rooms, in restaurants/café, in shops, in museum, at bus stops.
  • Avoid locations with poor network internet connectivity such as airplanes, underground or unsafe places like swimming pool and sauna.

Clearly indicate what users have to do and what they have to look for!

  • Your target image should provide obvious indications or instructions for users to initiate the AR experience. You can e.g. use a marker (like the image below) and by that make visible to users what they need to scan.

  • In order to clarify how to start the AR experience, include the three-step process graphic and make it clear that your AR experience is FREE for the user.

  • Excite users why they should scan (e.g. to get exclusive content, fast purchase, play a game, get discount, win the product…) 
  • Use interaction elements to create an engaging experience for the viewers – encourage users to tap on the screen (use buttons, galleries, rotate 3D models, etc.)
  • Another way to enhance the immersive experience and involve users into the augmented world is to add background music or sound effect when the user taps on virtual objects.
  • Special hints for buttons:
    • Adjust the design to make it suitable for holding the device with one hand.
    • Make the controls and buttons large enough to easily tap with one finger. 
It is VERY important to provide relevant and appropriate content that your users will want to consume.
  • Being ‘funny’ sometimes might not be enough to land a successful campaign. So, try to make the AR experience valuable for the user – so that it serves a meaningful purpose.  
  • Steer away from serving only a commercial purpose and create something that offers an “Awe!” moment
  • Avoid adding too much augmentations and especially long fixed text on a WonderPage. Having lots of augmentations on one WonderPage combined with a complex user interface takes more effort to understand. This makes it less enjoyable for viewers and reduce the probability to share the experience with others.
  • The most engaging Wonderpage is the one that has a flexible design, that can be used in different contexts.
  • Your WonderPage will have a longer shelf life when your design is relevant in all seasons.
  • Before launching WonderPages for the masses it is crucial to test (with various devices) and make sure that users can capture the concept with the lowest amount of effort and feel emotionally connected. 
  • Videos are an effective way to provide an impressive AR user experience. For the best results we recommend to limit videos to a maximum of 60 seconds. Keep it short and sweet because the longer the video, the less likely it is to keep a viewer engaged.
  • We recommend the use of YouTube videos instead of the video upload option to genARate studio! Besides some streaming performance advantages you also have the chance to connect the user to your YouTube channel and get new likes and followers! Note: we do not validate your YouTube links, so please test and make sure the video behind the link works as expected.
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